A Walk In The Rain Through The Streets Of Stockholm.

A Walk In The Rain Through The Streets Of Stockholm.

Stockholm Sweden  Djurgarden August 5 2015 (21 of 47)
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Good morning, and finally have some down time as I cross the Baltic Ocean on my way to Helsinki. And that is only because it’s raining out again. It rained yesterday morning too, my last day in Stockholm, but I was still able to get some walking in.

I wanted to explore one of Stockholm’s islands, Stockholm is situated on fourteen of them,   the rustic island of Djurgarden. once a royal deer park and still containing many wooded parks and forests.

I got there by using Stockholm’s famous subway system, the tunnelbana or T-banan. I always enjoy using  underground transportation since my law school days in Washington D.C.  The Radhuset  entrance to the   T-banan  was right next to  my hotel. I love descending deep into the ground by escalator and Stockholm’s  was very deep at this entrance.Stockholm Sweden subway ride August 5 2015 (3 of 18)

It was very well maintained. It is famous for it’s murals and I was able to see a few. I was more worried about finding changing and different lines and finding the right exit for Djurgarden.  After some differing opinions among the locals, I decided to get off at Stadion.  This is a link to some more photos of my ride on the subway. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/scandinavia-july-26-august-8-2015/nggallery/scandinavia-july-25-august-8-2015/stockholm-sweden-subway-august-5-2015

I walked out and into the now upscale neighborhood of Ostermalm. I learned this was once a poor farming area. There was also an old 17th century gate to the city near the Karlaplan  park and the area beyond this gate was known as the “Ultimate Darkness” It now was a pleasant residential area with many  walkers, runners and bicyclists on it’s streets.

I walked through the neighborhood and to the bridge leading on to Djurgarden Island and past the imposing statute of ta viking. Stockholm Sweden  Djurgarden August 5 2015 (1 of 47)


The Island  is the location of  the famous Vasa Musuem, where a ship lost in the 17th century is displayed , an amusement park, an art gallery and many other museums.  I wasn’t able to see it on this visit. I wish I had time to visit them all but I wanted to see some of the parks.

Unfortunately it started raining, lightly at first. i walked through the narrow lanes and paths along the shore and was surprised to see how rural it quickly became. I found many beautiful old trees along the paths, Many Swedes were also enjoying the park, walking, running and biking in the rain.

The skies darkened so I decided to head back at the Rosendal Palace and get a quick peek at it’s beautiful gardens. Here is a link to some more photographs I took at the palace. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/scandinavia-july-26-august-8-2015/nggallery/scandinavia-july-25-august-8-2015/stockholm-sweden-rosendal-palace-august

I decided to head back and made my way to a residential area on the  south side of the island. There were again, many ancient trees surrounding quaint and well maintained old homes lining the water. i wish it weren’t raining, and by this time, there were torrential downpours. i am glad I took my Gortex  along although I wore shorts and sneakers. I also was lucky to have a plastic bag cover for my camera.

I  decided to take trolley back to the bridge and when I got off the rain had stopped and I decided to walk back. Well the rain started again and I found myself in a downpour. i was in a part of town I hadn’t walked before and couldn’t figure out which bus would take me to my hotel. And of course there wasn’t a taxi to be found so I walked and was soaked. Travel is not all sunshine. It was still a great experience. This is a link to my rainy walk from the bridge t my hotel. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/scandinavia-july-26-august-8-2015/nggallery/scandinavia-july-25-august-8-2015/stockholm-sweden-ostermalm-august-5-2015

I was sad that this was my last day in Sweden. I loved it from my time in Malmo , my visit to the historic town of Lund  and my time in the beautiful city of Stockholm. I would love to return in the winter when they say it is just as beautiful.  But on to Finland now. This is a link to some more photographs from my walk on Djurgarden Island yesterday. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/scandinavia-july-26-august-8-2015/nggallery/scandinavia-july-25-august-8-2015/stockholm-sweden-djurgarden-august-5-2015

Stockholm Sweden  Djurgarden August 5 2015 (8 of 47)