Back To Philadelphia: This Time With Sunshine And Warmth On A Halloween Walk.

Back To Philadelphia: This Time With Sunshine And Warmth On A Halloween Walk.

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I drove back to my favorite city, Philadelphia, yesterday afternoon. I will be attending an Estate legal seminar for two days.  It was Halloween so, after checking into the downtown Marriott hotel, I decided once again to  roam the streets of this lovely and vibrant city. City Hall Philadelphia

Unlike my recent travels,  on this trip I found clear skies, sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures in the 70’s. I first walked down Broad Street where rush hour traffic was just beginning. Broad street Philadelphia

And, even in the center of the city, the beauty of nature could be seen in the many flowers still in bloom. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. Philadelphia afternoon walk Broad Street October 31 2018flower in bloom

Since it was Halloween I decided to walk down to South Street. Famous for its bar, restaurants and entertainment, it always reminded me of New Orleans, like  the Bourbon Street of Philadelphia. carved pumpkin

I visited South Street  many times in my younger days, but always at night. Then, the streets were crowded with people and a carnival-like atmosphere  prevailed. 

I was surprised how different  the street was in the afternoon. It seemed like a quiet residential neighborhood. 

I  didn’t realize the extent of the art adorning some of the homes in  the neighborhood. I also discovered this museum, which warrants another visit, the Magic Garden . 

The neighborhood became more alive  as I approached it intersection with the Delaware River. There  were more taverns,  Bar on South Street

restaurants, andbuildings on South Street

businesses  and some folks starting early to patronize them.  smoke shop South Street

Some  of the businesses were of an ‘ adult’ nature. adult shop window

I also met superheroes in this comic store.superhero costumes

And there were a lot of folks dressed in Halloween costumes, including this little girl. She loved, under the watchful eye of her proud parents, having her photograph taken.  Here are some more photographs from my walk on South Street.  Philadelphia afternoon walk South Street October 31 2018.little girl in pineapple costume

I found myself near  the Delaware River and the Penn’s Landing area of the city. 

I took in the views of the river and then made my way back to the old town. 

Here I found a steady flow of office workers, construction workers and local residents leaving work or returning to their homes.

And there  were some beautiful old homes in the neighborhood,

many decorated for Halloween.

I continued through the centuries old neighborhood and came upon some old churches, including Saint Peter’s built in 1761 and

Saint Mary’s the first Catholic Church in the city built a few years later in 1763. 

I roamed under the ancient trees of first neighborhoods in the city, many still with cobblestone streets. 

I walked down to Independence Hall to pay my respects to the great men who founded our Nation on the premise all men are created equal.  I love spending time here.

I next walked back to my hotel on Walnut Street, walking through more residential neighborhoods,

and past the Jefferson Hospital. 

It was getting late, and I  was getting hungry so I made my walk back to the hotel. After a quick shower I enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Vernick Restaurant on Walnut Street near  Rittenhouse Square. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike in Old Town. Philadelphia afternoon hike Old Town October 31 2018.

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.” ― Roman Payne

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