Bears, Birds And Some Other June Visitors To My Backyard

Bears, Birds And Some Other June Visitors To My Backyard

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Although I  travel to many State parks, Game lands and nature preserves  here in Northeastern Pennsylvania looking for wildlife, I am lucky to have a lot of wild critters visit my backyard in Luzerne County, Hazle  Township.  I have four bird feeders and I throw out some  corn every night for the deer and turkey.  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post and shared  some photographs  of these critters.  Since that post the large flock of turkey that feed here in the Winter have disbanded. The female hens  are probably tending their young  poults.   Lately a  group of  male toms show up every morning and spend a good part of their day in my back yard. 

They eat  the corn left by the deer and also the seed that falls from the bird feeders. 

Many mornings they would entertain themselves with their reflection in the glass on sliding door to my deck. Unfortunately turkey poop is not a pleasant thing to step in so I had to block the entrance to the deck. I enjoy watching them feed even though they aren’t the prettiest of birds. 

Like the turkey the large herd of deer that visit in the Winter has also broken up. These days I usually get a few females who visit by themselves in the evening. They, too, are  probably tending their young in the surrounding woodlands. 

I think the males visit at night, because every morning the corn I put out is gone. 

Ground hogs, chipmunks, fox, raccoons  and squirrels also feed on the left over corn and seed falling from the bird feeders. 

The chipmunks fill  their cheeks with the corn and take it to their burrows for future eating. 

The bird feeders in my backyard continue to attract many species of birds. The goldfinches,

and house finches are always at the feeders. I love their bright colors.

Occasionally a pair of cardinals will stop for a visit. This is  the male. 

Many sparrows, including this house sparrow, are frequent visitors. 

A towhee and this catbird have decided to nest near my  backyard this years and I enjoy listening to both of their songs in the evening and morning. 

Unfortunately, the starlings and blue jays also found  my feeders. These aggressive birds scare many of the smaller birds away and consume most of the seed. .The starlings I think are an ugly bird. The blue jay,  however is beautiful but not a nice  bird. 

The woodpeckers continue to feed on the suet after the starlings and blue jays had their fill.

Just yesterday I saw one of my favorite birds, the indigo bunting

I usually see one passing through early in the Spring and I did this year too. I was surprised to see it at the feeder. It must have a nest near my yard. Here is a link to a gallery on my blog page with more photographs of the birds critters I saw in my back yard. Backyard critters June 18 to 25 2020 

Last week I was surprised and delighted to have a mother bear and her cubs visit my backyard one morning. 

She allowed them to roam my yard as she helped herself to the corn I put out for the deer. 

I could watch these beautiful creature all day.

And just his morning this critter was in my yard. It looks like a yearling bear that may have been pushed away by its mother.  It looked scared and confused. 

I am very fortunate to own my woodlands. I can sleep at night knowing they will not be developed and that the many critters living there  will allows have a home.

And a place to stop in for a quick snack, in exchange for a photo or two. Here is a link to some more photographs of the bears that visited my back yard. Backyard bears. June 18 to 25 2020. 

You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.    Russell Conwell



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