Nature Up Close: Some Photos From A Few Walks With My Macro Lens

Nature Up Close: Some Photos From A Few Walks With My Macro Lens

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Anyone who knows me, or even occasionally reads my blog, is aware  I like to walk.  I walk twice a day everyday. This past week I took my camera and macro lens on a few hikes near my house. I hoped to capture some more images of the beauty of nature up close.  And every walk is an adventure.  You never know what you will see.  Even a common daisy,

or meadow pink  covered with rain drops take on a different look. These photos were taken on a day  when we  we had some showers. 

On another walk I  saw a few more tiny crab spiders on some daisies where they are perfectly camouflaged

and some bumblebees gathering nectar or pollen from some  clover. Looking at these insects reminded me of the hours I spent as a young child watching the red and black ant nest in my backyard. I was fascinated by the wonders of nature from a very young age, mainly due to the encouragement of my dad. 

Another walk took me to the reclaimed coal strip mines near my  home. It was sunny and hot and a perfect day to see a snake. And see one I did. I believe this is a northern  black racer

I could only get so close with my macro lens.  

As I tried to inch my way near to its head it decided to take off and I learned why it called a black racer. It was fast. I realized then I was probably way too close. Although they are not venomous the can still bite. And a snake bite on ones face is never a good thing. 

Before and after seeing the snake I photographed some of the wild  flowers I found along the trail including this filed thistle flower, 

these fleabane daisies and 

this  this narrow leaf blue-eyed grass flower. 


Every flower had  such a delicate and unique beauty to it as did the bracken fern  leaves

when seen up close. 

Its hard to see in this photo but there is a damselfly sitting on the dried flower. Camouflage is useful in the insect world. 

On another hike I encountered the owner of this  eerie eye. 

A common toad that I was able to capture. Of course I released him after getting a few photographs, 


Near where I released the toad I saw this pretty but often overlooked flower, the  common selfheal. 

Even the invasive  and nuisance plant, the common bird’s-foot trefoil looks pretty through the macro lens. 

On my hike today I found another invasive and noxious weed with pretty flowers’ the perennial pea. 

As I approached a pond a turtle jumped into the water and swam away. I was only able to get this poor photograph with my 100 mm micro lens. 

I pushed the lens to its limits when I heard this eastern  king bird singing in a treetop. I believe it is the same bird that has been singing in that tree for the past three years. 

On my way home from my walk today I found this mushroom growing along the trail. Soon I will be out walking but not looking for photos but rather the wild edible mushrooms I enjoy to find and eat. There is so much to see and do in the outdoors here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is my favorite place on the planet, in the Spring, Summer and Fall anyway. Here is a link to a gallery with more photographs from my walks with my macro lens. Afternoon hikes June 18 to June 23 2020. 

By discovering nature, you discover yourself. Maxime Lagacé



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