George and Lillian Picton, Two Fine People Who Left Behind A Wonderful Legacy.

George and Lillian Picton, Two Fine People Who Left Behind A Wonderful Legacy.

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I awoke early yesterday and wanted to hike someplace different but didn’t want to drive to far either.  I had heard of a land trust property near White Haven and Googled hiking trails in that area. And came up with a link to the The George and Lillian Picton Wildlife Sanctuary

Looked inviting enough so I took the 20 minute drive and found the entrance gate. I spent the next four hours exploring this beautiful  tract of land and left thinking what wonderful times George and Lillian must have had here and how kind it was to preserve it for future generations. Picton wildlife snactuary (22 of 57)

After looking at the maps, I decided  hike out  to the pond  first and only  took my zoom lens hoping to see some herons or other water fowl.  The pond was out  about a half mile hike on a wide, now mainly grass covered road. Named Lillian’s Pond it was a quiet and peaceful place. I was surprised not to find any herons, ducks or geese on or around  the water but there sure were a lot of frogs. As I walked the narrow path  around the lake, in many places surrounded by ferns,  I would hear the kerplunk and splashing of the frogs jumping in the pond upon  hearing my noisy approach.

I started up the split rock trail but decided to  head back to the car and change lenses. . I  encountered a young buck, with velvet antlers, and a lot of robins.

I headed up the whitetail trail, a steady uphill grade, under a canopy of second growth trees.The ground was covered with the red land stage of the red spotted newt. They seemed to e everywhere.  Near the top the ground was scattered with  pretty yellow stargrass flowers.  Picton wildlife snactuary (45 of 57)

The trail ran into the split rock trail and I soon found the reason for the name, a huge sandstone rock split in two by the weather atop the mountain. The trail ended at a power line where there was a nice view the Pocono Mountains. It was overcast so I am sure the view would be much better on a clear day. I headed back down the split rock trail and back to the ponds. Picton wildlife snactuary (10 of 57)

I again walked around the pond, and again frogs were everywhere but no birds or even more surprising dragonflies.  I thought for sure there would be an abundance of dragonflies. I walked back to my car again and decide to get my macro lens and hope to photograph some of the frogs and the plant life and flowers up close.

On the way back I saw a tiny caterpillar dangling from a silky thread it spun and realized it had just emerged from it’s pupa stage and was still attached to it’s cocoon. I was able to take this photograph and thought it was the best of my day. I love to find things I  haven’t seen before in nature and share them  with others.Picton wildlife sanctuary caterpillar 4 (1 of 2)

In getting up close with my macro lens I found a nice patch of wild strawberries. They are so tiny compared with the ones we grow but they sure have a lot of flavor. I took some photos of the flowers, berries and plants around the lake but most of the frogs were too fast for me. I did see some damselflies too. Picton wildlife sanctuary damselfly (1 of 1)

We are very fortunate to have had such folks as the Picton’s live here in Northeastern Pa, with the vision to share the joy they had on this wonderful peace of land. It is another gem in this wonderful area I live and love so much.Picton wildlife snactuary (52 of 57)

Here is a link to a lot more photographs I took on my hike in the sanctuary. Please feel free to comment or ask questions .



 “Here is your country. Cherish these natural Picton wildlife sanctuary newt (1 of 1)wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”
Theodore Roosevelt