Malmo Sweden: Those Swedish Folks Sure Love Their Flowers.

Malmo Sweden: Those Swedish Folks Sure Love Their Flowers.

Malmo Sweden Morning walk july 26 2015 (15 of 23)
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Sorry I left you folks in Sweden, but  it was difficult keeping  up with my blog posts after I joined up with my fellow  group of travelers in Denmark. We spent so much time exploring the beautiful countries cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and the unplanned visit to Tallinn, sharing meals and traveling, what was left was needed for sleep. And that wasn’t much considering the long days of the Scandinavian Summer. Malmo Sweden morning walk l   July 28  2015 (26 of 50)

I really wanted to share these photographs of the beautiful flowers that seemed to be everywhere in the Swedish city of Malmo.Malmo Sweden flowers  (22 of 27)


The small space between the narrow cobblestone streets and the quaint houses were all planted with hollyhocks and roses. The fragrance of the roses filled the air. And  i have never seen so many different colored hollyhocks. I am used to the red ones most folks in my neighborhood planted when I was a child. This is a link to more of the many colored hollyhocks, and a few roses, I photographed on the streets of Malmo. And, of course, you can just view them in the photograph  pages  of my blog.

Malmo Sweden hollyhocks and a few roses (3 of 13)





The public squares, cemeteries , and parks where all planted in flowers.Malmo Stotrorget july 26 2015 (10 of 12)



And of course where there are flowers there are bees. They were buzzing everywhere. They reminded me of how it used to be here in my town when I was young. Not so anymore there are fewer and fewer of them each passing year. Sad, But they where plentiful in Malmo and they were so different form the bees here in the Pennsylvania.I had more time in Sweden, when I was traveling alone in Sweden  so  I was able to get out with my macro lens and get some close ups. Amazing.  Malmo Sweden wasp  134 (1 of 1)


This is a link to some more photographs I took of the Swedish bees and wasps I found in Malmo . Sweden Morning walk july 26 2015 (23 of 23)

Although the streets mainly were planted with roses and hollyhocks I found a wide variety of native flowers in the beautiful Slottsragarden. I could have spent a month here. There is so much beauty all over this planet and the city of Malmo, which I had never heard of a few months ago, certainly has it’s share. I will never forget my visit there. Here is a link to some more of the many colorful flowers I found in these wonderful gardens.

Malmo Sweden flowers  (2 of 2)



“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
Claude MonetMalmo Sweden flowers  (4 of 27)