More Backyard Visitors.

More Backyard Visitors.

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Not being a cold weather person, I waited a long time for the arrival of Spring and was very disappointed when it arrived with four inches of snow here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. But it still did arrive and so did the robins and geese. There still is not a lot of plant growth because of the deep frost line from the record breaking cold temperatures we had, but it will start soon. And it is light at 7:30 p.m. So even with the snow it is still a wonderful time of year. deer (6 of 11)

No sunset to watch because of the clouds and didn’t want to hike in the snow so photographed some of the birds at my feeder. This is the link to the photos.    The bird feeder is bent and banged uo from a few bear attempts to get at the seed. 

I also took some photographs of some deer who visited last night and earlier this evening. I could watch these graceful creatures for hours. Here is the link tosome more photos of the critter above and his mom and sibling.

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