Only One "Red Top" Mushroom, But Still A Nice Hike On The Last Sunday Of Summer.

Only One "Red Top" Mushroom, But Still A Nice Hike On The Last Sunday Of Summer.

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We finally had some clear skies and cooler temperatures last Sunday here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I took advantage of the late Summer sunshine and visited the birch, aspen and pine woods were my families favorite “red top” or aspen scaber stalk mushrooms grow. I was hoping the recent rains would provide me with plenty of these mushrooms which I have been gathering in the woods near my home since I was a young child.

My dad thought me to identify these mushrooms when I was only three or four-years old. We would dry them and make soup for the traditional Polish Holy Supper on Christmas eve. Well my hope weren’t realized and I only found the one “red top” mushrooms shown above. 

I was surprised that there were no mushrooms growing. The only other ones I found were the poisonous jack-o-lantern mushrooms.

Although I found no more mushrooms, I enjoyed my early morning walk  and noticed hundreds of spider webs glistening in the sunshine.dew covered spider web

I saw some late summer flowers, including these orchids and wild white orchid

the allergy causing ragweedragweed flower

There were a few insects active in the cool morning air including this grasshopper andgrasshopper on twig

this butterfly.butterfly on ragweed

Most of the song birds in these woods have already flown south. However, I did see this flycatcher,flycatcher on branch

a few Canadian geese andCanada geese in flight

this hawk fly overhead. broad shouldered hawk?

I am not certain but I believe it is a

broad shouldered hawk. 

It is now football season so I had to cut short my Sunday hike to get home and get ready to watch my Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. I never miss a game. But I was glad to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors on the last Sunday of Summer. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Mushroom hike September 16 2018. 

“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall.”– Ann Patchett

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