Sunrise is always a good medicine for anything that ails you.

Sunrise is always a good medicine for anything that ails you.

Crooked Tree sunrise 027
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Good morning from Central America. Wasn’t the most pleasant night, spent a lot of time  in the bathroom,  but green tea,  imodium  and a light breakfast are helping.   Feeling so much better, and have to thank fellow traveler,  Dr. Nancy and the staff here who have been so helpful with my predicament. You always seem to meet the kindest of folks when you travel.  And of course the beautiful sunrise sure helped my spirits. .  Sure is beautiful down here. So many species of birds singing throughout the night and even more so at dawn.

Looks like I will not be going on a day trip but that works out. I will get to explore this quaint little village of Crooked Tree.  Going to try and get some more photos of the many species of birds that live near the lagoon. Unfortunately, it is still very high this year, so the birds are scattered. When it gets lower, during the dry season, which is starting now, they flock to the lower water levels to dine on the fish and snails in the lagoon. Still a remarkable experience to be here. Hope to share some more of it later and when I get back home. Here is the link to some more photos of todays beautiful sunrise.

Crooked Tree sunrise 047


Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted. ~Johann Paul Friedrich Richter